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black writing desk

This Safavieh American Homes Collection Abigail Fold Down Desk is a black writing desk that will fit into small spaces. We're firm believers in the fact that you don't need a dedicated office space to do your best writing. You only need a writing space where you can keep your work organized and keep the kids from using your story index cards as a coloring book.

This is a sturdy writing desk for small spaces that'll provide plenty of storage and won't have you writing at a corner of the kitchen or dining room table. The black writing desk has a distressed finish that will fit into homes with a variety of décor styles, too.

Initial Impression

Our initial impression is that this is a sturdy little desk that isn't for the business person who does a ton of work in their home office. It's for those who want to carve out a small place to put the laptop and notes about their latest novel or short writing desk

The storage drawers on top are incredibly adorable. We love desks with an abundance of tiny drawers. With 6 little drawers at the top, they're on their way towards the phrase “incredibly adorable.”

Features to Love

  • Distressed finish
  • Solid wood
  • Clean design
  • Comes in three colors

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Style and Finish

This black writing desk is based on the style of an antique roll top desk. The edges of the desk itself and the drawers are distressed to show the wood underneath. One of the most beautiful parts of the desk is the detail of the drawer knobs. They have the look of carved brass with flower detail.

knob details


The black writing desk weighs 53 pounds. It measures 29.7 inches by 18.1 inches by 37.8 inches. The depth of the desk is 18.1 inches when the desk top isn't folded down into place. When it's folded down, the desk surface is 26.75 inches.

Sturdy Fold Down Surface

When it's not in use, the surface of the desk is folded on itself. You don't have to worry about the desk's depth sticking out into the room. It keeps the desk's footprint small, so it can be used in any room including tucked into a bedroom, in the corner of a living room, or in the back of the kitchen.

Drawers for Storage

The six adorable drawers at the top make it feel like an apothecary desk, which is a style that we love here. Each drawer is 8.5 inches by 8.1 inches by 2.4 inches. It's wide enough for many items you want to store including index cards and writing supplies. You can even hide adult coloring books and good markers in the drawers, so the kids don't steal them!

The single middle drawer measures 22.8 x 16.9 x 5.9 inches. If you don't want to fold down the writing surface, some customers have fitted their keyboard in the middle drawer and used the top of the desk above the drawers for the monitor. It's a great setup for those who are concerned about ergonomics, which should be everyone!

writing desk

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood is used in the desk?

The desk is crafted from solid pine wood. Pine is a beautiful wood that resists shrinking and swelling quite well. This is a desk that will hold up for years.

How much assembly is required?

The legs are all that needs to be attached when you receive the desk at your home.

What's the distance between the bottom of the desk and the floor?

From the bottom of the desk to the floor is approximately 21 inches. There's about a foot between the legs for the chair or your legs. We recommend this desk with 4 out of 5 stars. Keep in mind that this is a small, black writing desk for placing in a corner or against the wall in one of the rooms in your home. If you need a desk for your dedicated home office, this isn't the right desk for your needs.  

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