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Finding the right chair is like pampering your feet with the right pair of shoes. You could try to stand or walk all day in a pair of sandals with no support, but you'll expect pain at the end of the day. You can expect pain if you plan to sit in an uncomfortable chair for most of the day, too.amazonbasics executive chair

When you don't have to worry about pain and ergonomic positioning, you're more likely to put in your hours of writing each day, too. I know that when I'm struggling to find the words, every pain and twinge is a distraction. With a comfortable chair, you'll have no excuse or distraction to keep you from your daily word count.

Today, I'll be reviewing the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair.

  • Manufacturer: AmazonBasics
  • Style: High-Back Executive Chair
  • Color Choices: Black or brown
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Price Range: $99 – $120.00
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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First Impressions

This executive chair is an ergonomic task chair of black leather and PVC. The seat and back are padded for extreme comfort. With the padded seat and back, you'll be able to sit for hours without losing the feeling in your lower extremities. Perfect for those frenzied writing times when the words flow like water.

The executive chair is a handsome-looking chair that provides hours of pleasure and relaxation as you apply butt-to-chair for your daily writing goals.

Level of Comfort

The curved contours on the seat and the back will serve your back and butt making them content and pain-free even after hours of hard work.

The chair can be customized for your height with the pneumatic adjustment and 360-degree swivel. The chair can be tilted in a variety of angles for your enjoyment, too.

Ease of Assembly

The chair comes with easy-to-read instructions. There are diagrams that are easy to follow, and you won't need any special equipment to assemble it.

You might need another person to help hold the pieces while assembling, but it's not impossible to do yourself if you lay everything flat on the ground.

Fully Adjustable

Proper alignment is vital for ergonomics. When you're not properly aligned, it can lead to neck and shoulder pain as well as fatigue through your entire body. Serious health concerns can be traced back to a chair that isn't properly aligned.

The pneumatic handle of the chair allows the height to be adjusted. Pull up on the lever without your weight on it to lift the seat height. To lower the seat, push the handle down while seated. The chair can be adjusted between 41 and 45 inches from the floor.

There's a tension knob under the seat that can be tightened or loosened. The knob controls the amount of tilt to the chair. You can tighten it to keep it steady or loosen to be able to tilt back in your chair.

Quality Materials

This sleek, ergonomic beauty is made with black PVC and bonded black leather. The leather covers the back and seat of the chair as well as the padded, curved armrests.

The chair also has nylon casters that swivel and roll smoothly for unlimited mobility. You could roll from one desk to another in your home office, or roll yourself quickly to your assistant's desk when you're a big-time author.

executive chair review


This chair is middle of the road in terms of costs. It's a chair that's well-constructed and comfortable for a reasonable price. There are other chairs out there that will cost almost $1,000, but this one is within most budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the seat?amazonbasics high back chair

The seat itself is 20 inches deep and 19.5 inches wide.

How high is the seat back?

It's approximately 25 inches high.

What's the degree of recline in the chair?

It tilts approximately 30 degrees.

My desk is 24.5 inches. Will the chair fit under?

The answer is no. The top of the arms are 30” tall.


Should You Purchase This Chair?

If you have a bad back, sit for hours at a time, or need an affordable ergonomic chair, this one is a fantastic choice. You won't have your chair as an excuse not to put in a few hours of writing each day.

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