7 Leather Bound Journals for Men: Gift Giving at Its Best

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It's my belief that if you want to become a writer, it doesn't matter if you are writing in a steno notebook, a napkin, or a leather bound journal. Still, a leather bound journal is a great way to capture your writing. It definitely feels special to be composing notes in a journal with a… Read more

How to Generate Writing Ideas Without Setting Your Brain on Fire

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Throughout my life, I’ve been that person with the vivid imagination. Usually, it was my imagination that would get me into trouble as the worst scenarios would enter my head at the weirdest times. I won’t tell you how I made myself a little crazy by envisioning the terrible things that could happen to a… Read more

You’re Losing All the Prompts!

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I'll be removing the visible prompts from this site on Monday, January 16th. You'll still be able to get them, though. No worries. I scared you, didn't I? Instead of having small entries for the prompts, I'm putting them in an ebook for easy reading. The prompts are still free. If you're wondering about other… Read more

Changes Coming in the New Year

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Big changes are coming to the site in the new year. I'm removing the prompt posts from the site as individual posts, gathering them up into a more digestible form, and giving them away as an ebook. They'll be the same prompts that have been available for the past year or two, but they'll be… Read more