Caseling Neoprene 14″ Laptop Sleeve Review

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You could easily slip your laptop into an unprotected backpack. That's just a recipe for a disaster, though. To keep your laptop protected, it should be encased in a laptop sleeve. There are sleeves for a variety of sizes when it comes to laptops. You'll want one that fits your size perfectly. You might be… Read more

10 Mystery Fiction Prompts

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  Mystery fiction prompts can help you with ideas when you're stumped. All it takes is one spark to ignite the flame of a story. Whether it's mystery short story prompts or mystery novel prompts, we hope these 10 mystery writing prompts can help when you're stuck or if you want to challenge yourself to… Read more

White Feather Quill and Ink Set

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feather quill pen set and ink

  Before the invention of the pen, there was the feather quill pen and ink sets. The quill came from a molted feather of a winged bird. They're preferably the wing feather since those are the longest with the best end for writing. The feather was treated to be used as a writing implement. Today,… Read more

Logitech Wireless Wave Ergonomic Keyboard and Wireless Mouse Review

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ergonomic keyboard

When you're typing all day, you're at risk for serious hand, wrist, and finger injuries if you're not taking care to set up an ergonomic workstation for yourself. That includes a desk at the right height for working, a chair that keeps your body aligned properly, and an ergonomic keyboard that can reduce the pain… Read more

The Abigail Fold-Down Black Writing Desk

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black writing desk

This Safavieh American Homes Collection Abigail Fold Down Desk is a black writing desk that will fit into small spaces. We're firm believers in the fact that you don't need a dedicated office space to do your best writing. You only need a writing space where you can keep your work organized and keep the… Read more

Solid Wood Antique Writing Desk with Roll Top

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antique writing roll top desk

This antique writing desk from Wilshire Furniture will bring you back to a time when people wrote with quill pens and artisans carved wood by hand for solid pieces of furniture that didn't break after a few months of use. We love desks that can be used for more than one purpose because who has… Read more

X-Elite Adjustable Desk Converter Review

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sit to stand converter

If your shoulders, back, and neck feel fatigued at the end of the day, you could benefit from a standing desk. Sitting for long periods of time has been known to cause serious, negative health risks. Standing instead of sitting has been known to reduce the risk of obesity. It’s definitely a way to improve… Read more

Scrivener Review

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scrivener review

In this Scrivener review, we'll take a look at the benefits of having writing software specifically for complicated projects like your latest novel.  What is Scrivener? Basically, it's writing software that keeps you organized. If you are writing your novel in a Word document with notebooks, index cards, and multiple files to keep track of… Read more

Crown Mark Writing Desk Review

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crown mark desk

My heart lies in dystopian topics, old ruins, and steampunk styles. Rivets and rusted metal covered in vines and plants as nature tries to take back what we've abandoned. Gas lights, propellers, and a Sherlock Holmes atmosphere. Those images are where I find beauty. With that said, it's likely no surprise that running across this… Read more

Sovereign-Gear Refillable Leather Journal Review

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refillable journal leather

This is one of the best refillable leather journals I've seen in a long time. Imagine you're carrying a journal with you at all times. In it, you capture bits of your day, things you'd like to do tomorrow, snatches of songs that you love, and pieces and parts of a story idea as it… Read more

AmazonBasics Executive High-Back Chair Review

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amazonbasics executive

Finding the right chair is like pampering your feet with the right pair of shoes. You could try to stand or walk all day in a pair of sandals with no support, but you'll expect pain at the end of the day. You can expect pain if you plan to sit in an uncomfortable chair… Read more