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Big changes are coming to the site in the new year. I'm removing the prompt posts from the site as individual posts, gathering them up into a more digestible form, and giving them away as an ebook.

They'll be the same prompts that have been available for the past year or two, but they'll be in a simple ebook that'll be free to down. All you'll have to do is provide your email address. I won't do anything with it, I promise. It'll just allow me to send you more goodies later.

I have to package the current prompts with a pretty bow for you. Eventually, there'll be more ebooks including one already planned for the dystopian category, which people seem to really enjoy.

Once the current posts are in ebook form, they'll be deleted from the site. I've enjoyed providing prompts to inspire people to write, and I'll still do that, but I'd like to change the direction of the website going forward to include other inspiration as well as encourage writing creativity.

The future of the site will include information on the craft of writing, aids to help writers with that nasty old writer's block, and exercises to improve your writing.

If this website could become more of a community and a resource for writers, I'd be a happy writer myself.

Here are some topics I hope to cover:

  • How to self publish on Amazon or B & N
  • Marketing your book
  • Writing blurbs
  • Finding critique partners
  • How to publish
  • Productivity
  • Writing software
  • Improving dialogue, outlining and other writer tips
  • Writer's mindset
  • Work ethic

There will be more, but that's a few of the topics that came to mind. I've been a freelance writer for over 5 years. That writing has included genre fiction (erotica under a pen name), a short story blog and professional writing for clients who need blogs and website content.

The topics covered here will be writing in general and others will be specific to fiction or what I call "work" writing. I'd like to share knowledge of both as well as providing guest posts from other writers. 

This is all in the works right now, so make sure you swing back around later to find out what's new. It'll be a week or less.

See you then!