Creative writing for beginners doesn’t need to start with specific writing knowledge. You need an idea, the time to write, and the desire to put words down on the page. Creative writing is one of those skills that takes time and practice.

Nobody can help you find the time to write.Creative Writing for Beginners

You have to carve that time out for yourself. Between breaks in class time, during lunch at work in the cafeteria, on the train coming home, the desire to write will help you find the time.

When it comes to ideas, though, creative writing for beginners starts with story starters or word prompts. If you’ve ever wanted to write the next Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy or Maze Runner, you’ll want some dystopian writing prompts for inspiration. These 10 prompts can give you a start, or they can help you overcome a problem in the middle of your current work in progress.

Creative Writing for Beginners Word Prompts

1. A dirty, little girl digs through a heap of metal before picking one sharp sliver from the pile. She looks satisfied as she adds it to her dusty backpack.

**Who is this little girl? Why does she need a weapon?**


2. The man watches his mother take her last breath. He leaves the home where he’s spent months caring for her and finds empty streets everywhere he looks.

**What happened to all the people? Was the sickness that killed his mother widespread?**


3. A group of thugs break into a boarded, 3-story building. A man watches from the shadows as flashes of light come from the first then second floors. He crosses the street and enters the building.

**What are the thugs doing in the building? What does the man have planned?**


4. Over the past 10 years, the world has slowly collapsed. Crime, drugs, and violence have ripped apart society.

**What has risen up to take the place of the police? Do people take things into their own hands?**


5. A blockade keeps people inside the tiny town. One man returns from a trip to find that the police won’t let him enter the town to join his family.

**How does he get around the blockade? What does he find inside the town?**


6. A young woman hides in the woods. It’s not safe within the city limits, so she spends all her time in the forest. Until one day, she hears crashing through the trees.

**Who has entered the forest? Are they looking for her specifically?**


7. The ocean has spent the past 50 years moving inland. It’s demolished entire towns and killed numerous people during storms.

**How many people are left? How do they plan on surviving?**


8. A small boy wanders the streets. His haunted eyes and dirty face never stop moving as he surveys his surroundings. The city is filled with trash and most of the buildings are abandoned.

**What is this boy looking for in the city? Who cares for him?**


9. The beautiful teenage girl strides down the middle of the street seemingly unafraid of anything even when thugs whistle at her from street corners. Since no cars have been running for dozens of years, she has no worry about being hit.

**What happened to the cars? Where is the teenager going?**


10. A group of people huddle inside someone’s home. They congregated there when the bombs started to go off around the city. There’s a fortified cellar with some food for the survivors, but not enough.

**What do the people have planned when they run out of food?**


Creative writing for beginners starts with putting your hands over the keyboard or grabbing a favorite pen or pencil. You can find more dystopian word prompts here in the dystopian category.