Creative writing ideas are based on creating fictional characters who live in a world that the writer creates. The writer gives the character a background story – whether that backstory is available to the reader or not. The character gets motivations, goals and passions. At least, the interesting characters do. The world the character inhabits can exist in the real world, or in the case of fantasy and science fiction, the world may be an original creation of the writer.

The beauty of creative writing ideas is that there are no real limits to the imagination, and what the writer can dream for their story. That can be a bit intimidating, too. How do you choose the color of your character’s hair; the type of education he or she has had; or whether she has siblings? Every single choice belongs to the person sitting behind the keyboard; you. That can be incredibly daunting. With practice, that part does get a little easier.

Journal writing involves sharing intimate details of yourself. Digging deep into the recesses of the mind and shining a light there for yourself and others to discover things about you. It can be a freeing and enlightening process, but completely different from creative writing. Journal writing is about telling truths about ourselves and the others in our lives. Creative writing is about telling lies. They can be beautiful lies to entertain, enlighten, and delight the reader. They aren’t always blatant lies. They can be based on real people, real conversations, and real places, but creative writing ideas come from the imagination.

Writers might lean towards creative writing ideas or journal writing ideas, but both need fuel in the form of inspiration. That can come from creative writing ideas like prompts, and journal writing ideas. Those can be questions used to draw a certain response, or recount a real life experience.