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crown mark desk

My heart lies in dystopian topics, old ruins, and steampunk styles. Rivets and rusted metal covered in vines and plants as nature tries to take back what we've abandoned. Gas lights, propellers, and a Sherlock Holmes atmosphere. Those images are where I find beauty.

With that said, it's likely no surprise that running across this writing table and chair have inspired me. This is a table and chair where writing happens! I believe that writing can truly happen anywhere if you're determined, but it can be a struggle when you haven't set up a cozy retreat for yourself. This is a cozy, inspiring writing table and chair set.

Crown Mark Fairfax Home Office Set

Style and Finishcrown mark map

This is a transitional style desk and chair with a brown cherry finish. It's a rich, deep brown that shows all the grain beneath, but my favorite part of this table is the old world map on the surface.

If you're writing anything dystopian, old world victorian, steampunk, or apocalyptic, this desk will provide the background atmosphere you need.

Measurements for the Table

This isn't a desk where you'll be able to spread out and conduct an entire business. There's no space for a printer and other office desk clutter, but a cup of coffee, your favorite journal, and your laptop will fit perfectly here.

The desk is 48 long by 23 wide by 31 inches high.

crown mark desk

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Chair Measurements

This chair slips perfectly under the table since you don't have to worry about arms. This makes the entire desk compact enough to place anywhere in the home. You might not have a room to dedicate to your writing, but you can place this in the corner or against the wall to create a writing nook quite easily.

The chair back is 39.75 inches high by 20.5 inches by 19.25 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the back of the desk have to be against the wall because it doesn't have the same style as the front?

The desk is beautiful and decorative on all sides. You can proudly display the desk from any angle.

crown mark map desk

How big are the small drawers in the front of the desk?

These felt lined drawers are 15 ½ by 15 ½ by 1 ½ inches.


Is the desk made with wood or particle board?

This cherry desk is made from solid wood with no particle board to be found.


With this table and chair set, imagine sitting down to a cup of coffee in this mug.

writers block coffee mug

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By the light of this fantastic lamp!

old world lamp

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If you're looking for a desk and chair to help inspire your writing, this is definitely the one. There's nothing ordinary or office-like about this desk with the old world map. The details on the legs of the table match the chair beautifully. The craftsmanship is worthy of woodworking artisans in days when everything was done by hand.

You can also find more writing tables if you need a small one for your space. When you have a dedicated writing area, you're more likely to make the time to write every single day.