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french writing desk with hutch

This small French writing desk with hutch is a wonderfully vintage-looking place for you to apply the “butt-to-chair” method of novel writing. It's hard to find an area in your home that's inviting and beckons you to sit and write. With the purchase of this antique writing desk with hutch, you can have an area all your own.

In a perfect world, you'd be able to huddle over your laptop anywhere and be productive. In reality, you sometimes have to coax the muse into action by giving her a comfortable, distraction-free place to work. A writer sits at her desk to write. It might be the edge of a dining room table, but a place more conducive to writing takes away one burden. Writer's block is real, and it can attack you at any moment. Take your work seriously by dedicating a real writing space to your craft.

french writing desk with hutch

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Initial Impressions

This desk has incredible character. While it's not a real antique, the small French writing desk has the look and feel of a vintage writing desk. There's plenty of storage as well as space on the working surface for writing notes, plotting your story, and eventually, plugging away at the keyboard.

The legs are a French design while the front is worn and distressed in places to give it more character. Instead of a flashy, shiny, polished facade, the desk is stylishly worn and full of personality.

Features to Love

  • French design
  • Rubbed finish
  • Artful distressing
  • Storage drawers
  • Hutch
  • Drop down keyboard
  • Style and Finish

french writing desk with hutch

As mentioned above, one of the biggest draws for this antique writing desk is the distressed design that makes it appear vintage. The curve of the legs is truly a work of craftsmanship. The drawer pulls are icing on the vintage cake, too. The mix of oak and white distressed finish is lovely. It gives the desk dimension and character.

Anyone looking at this desk will believe that it was passed down in your family for generations. Yet, the desk is incredibly stylish. It'll fit with my design styles – whether you have a contemporary, eclectic, or modern design aesthetic. The surfaces of the desk are stained oak while the front and legs are distressed white painted oak. It's a unique style and finish that will look beautiful in your home.

Measurements for the Home Styles French Countryside Desk with Hutch

The height and width of this desk are important because you want to ensure that the desk chair you choose will fit into the knee-hole of the desk itself. There's plenty of leg room under this desk since there are no side drawers.

The product dimensions are 28 x 54 x 40 inches. When assembled, the height is 12.25 inches, the width is 32 inches and the length is 58.25 inches. The weight of the desk is 101 pounds.

Storage Capacity

antique french writing desk

The antique writing desk with hutch has 6 drawers with decorative brass handles. There are 2 side drawers on the bottom of the desk and three drawers in the hutch. The bottom middle drawer is actually a pull-out keyboard tray. This will help if you are concerned with ergonomics of sitting at a desk typing for hours. (And you should be! Bad ergonomics can lead to serious issues.)

Should I Purchase the French Countryside Desk with Hutch?

This will be a fantastic addition to any room in your home. Whether it's the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or home office, the desk will fit in with many types of décor. You can make it a main feature of the room or tuck it away against the wall or in a corner of the room.

There's plenty of writing surface if you want to write instead of type on your laptop, but it's possible to do both on this desk's surface. The top of the hutch has plenty of room for decorations or papers and notebooks holding your story ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will the wires fit through the back of the desk's hutch?

There's a small hole in the hutch for cables and wires.


Is it easy to assemble?

It's quite easy to assemble even if you've not had much experience with putting together your own desk before.


If you want to take yourself seriously as a writer, you have to get yourself a serious workspace. You can't expect to sit down at the kitchen table in the middle of family chaos and get any writing accomplished. When you're serious about your writing, the rest of the family will leave you alone to get it done. A desk will help you convey that seriousness and sense of purpose. This is a lovely antique French writing desk with hutch that will show them you're ready to get down to business.

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