I’ve been stuck for writing ideas before, and found that there are plenty of story generators online. The problem with story generators is that the ideas are mashed together. They are not very creative. The purpose of this site is to give creative writers specific genres and prompts that can generate real stories. These prompts are not computer generated. I created them from scratch based on the type of prompts that I find helpful.

Fantasy Writing Prompts

If you’re looking for fantasy writing prompts, you’ll find those¬†under the fantasy category.¬†The free writing prompts are sectioned into categories based on the genre but some are interchangeable like chilling and fantasy. Don’t feel limited by the tags.

Horror Writing Prompts

Horror writing prompts are meant to be spooky and, yes, a bit creepy. Those are another category here on the site. Tags and categories help to section the prompts for easy searching, but the horror prompts are not gory. You’ll have to provide the spooks, gore and chills on your own.

Mystery Writing Prompts

You’ll find mystery writing prompts here as well. They can become the foundation for many stories that contain amateur detectives or real crime solvers. Basically, the prompts are a foundation for you to build your story.

The creative writing prompt should set the foundation for your imagination. At some point, the writer should veer off on their own course, expand the idea, add more characters, and flesh it out until it’s a longer story. On the other hand, the writing prompt doesn’t have to do anything more than wake up your muse. If the writing prompt only spurs a flash fiction story of less than 500 words, that’s not a problem, either.

Fiction writing prompts are very different from journal prompts or blogging prompts. Writers who want to challenge their creativity can take those prompts and try to write fiction, but when you have writer’s block, you don’t need more of a challenge.

Comments on the site will be limited to keep the site clean and allow the prompts to have center stage. If you’d like to contact the site owner, Missy, you can use the contact form. I’ll gladly take suggestions for more categories or expand current ones.