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refillable journal leather

This is one of the best refillable leather journals I've seen in a long time. Imagine you're carrying a journal with you at all times. In it, you capture bits of your day, things you'd like to do tomorrow, snatches of songs that you love, and pieces and parts of a story idea as it comes to you immediately.

This journal is extraordinary because it functions as more than a journal alone.

The Leather and Exterior

The exterior of the journal is made of real leather, and has the distinctive smell that makes it authentic. It's supple and soft yet durable, so you can carry it around with you all day. Where a paper or cardboard notebook will soon become worn and frayed at the edges, that won't happen with this leather journal. The more it's touched and handled, the softer the leather will feel over time.

This journal has the look and feel of a vintage leather journal. It will last for years, so it'll make a great gift for yourself or the person who loves to jot down their ideas and have a place to express themselves.


refillable paper leather journal

It can be tough to choose between lined paper where you can write story ideas and unlined paper for drawing. With this journal, you get both types of paper. You also get graph paper for bullet journaling if that appeals to you. You might even choose the graph paper for drawing and the unlined paper for another purpose. Use the paper in any way that you desire. It's great for sketching, planning, notes, diary, journal, and drawing.

You don't have to remove the paper when it's all used, either. It's easy to order more paper and insert it into the leather journal. After a few years, you might want to retire some of the older papers, or keep them as a chronicle of your daily life that you can look back on in future years.


inserts refillable leather

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There are many leather journals out there, but this is the best leather journal because you can add many accessories to the pages itself. For example, you're heading to a networking event. At the event, you know that you'll be receiving business cards and flyers from other attendees. This journal can be used as a conversation piece as well as a place to hold all those business cards. Other attendees will see you as a person with distinguished and unique taste.

The journal comes with the 3 packs of paper made of quality cream stock. It also comes with 1 PVC zippered pocket for holding money or credit cards. The card holder is perfect for holding business cards and other items you receive while at an event or anyplace you might travel with your journal.

Along with the various inserts that come with this journal like an unexpected bonus, you'll receive a pen holder clip and pen that is secured right to the side of the journal. The clip can also be used as a bookmark if you don't want to hold a pen there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the journal come with all three types of paper?

Yes. You can use any or all of the paper types in the journal.card holder refillable leather journal

Is the journal made with full grain leather?

It is. The leather is premium grade full grain. It's been enhanced with special oils, which give it a soft, rustic feel.

Is the leather stiff enough for writing?

It's not. The leather is thin, supple, and soft. The inserts that hold the business cards are hard enough to write against, though.

Can a calendar be added to the journal?

The journal is a standard size of 8.5” x 4.75”, which means you can add anything of that size to the interior. On the other hand, you can use the graph paper as a calendar that you customize for your needs.

This journal comes with a presentation box that fit the exact dimensions of the journal. You could purchase this for yourself or as a gift for the writer or the person who journals in your family. Overall, this refillable leather journal deserves 5 out of 5 stars!

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