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As a person who has written in a variety of locations, I know how important it is to have a dedicated space for writing. While you don't need a writing desk if you aren't serious about your writing, if you plan to make a career out of it, you need to have a comfortable place to spend hours planted in your chair. They say one of the hardest parts of writing is sitting in the chair and getting it done.

With a white writing desk with drawers, you'll be happy to sit snug in your chair and add words to your manuscript. In the drawers, you can keep index cards, writing pens, and highlighters or stickies. Whether you're adding words to your latest novel or hip deep in the editing process, the things in your drawers are vital for the process.

Initial Impressions

The white writing desk from Best Choice Products is a great little desk that will give you a dedicated space to keep your novel free from other clutter like kids' school projects. The desk has two little cubbies and 4 drawers.

This is a standard size desk with a hutch that can be attached or left off for more desk clearance. Some customers have used this as a vanity and writing desk combo. It's a good desk for a variety of uses, so it can be kept in a bedroom or used in a corner of the kitchen, too.

Features to Lovewhite writing desk

  • Hutch
  • Room drawers for storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Drawer knobs can be changed





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Style and Finish for White Writing Desk with Drawers

This white writing desk has a glossy, elegant finish that will look fantastic in any room of the home. The drawer knobs are a lovely brass with a flower shape embedded in the front of it. The knobs are easy to change if you want to purchase crystal ones from the home improvement store.

The legs have a lovely curve that give this desk an elegant, classy shape. The desk is incredibly sturdy with strong MDF material.

Measurements for the Surface of the White Writing Desk

The length and width of the desk is 31.5 inches by 15.5 inches. You can get more desk surface if you don't add the hutch directly to the desktop. In fact, some customers who are lightly handy might want to attach this hutch to the wall above the desk. It'll give you more working space without having to go without the upper cubbies and drawers.

Storage Capacity for Writing Desk

The bottom drawers can hold paper measuring approximately 8.5” by 11” while the top drawers can hold smaller items like pens, tape, pencils, and index cards. If you're looking for a white writing desk with more storage, you can add more storage in the form of a small storage unit.white writing desk hutch

Should I Purchase the White Writing Desk with Drawers?

The choice of purchasing this desk will be informed by what kind of desk you need. If you need a small white writing desk that can sit unobtrusively in a corner of your kitchen or bedroom, this is absolutely perfect for your needs.

white writing desk drawer

Accessories for the Writing Desk

This desk doesn't come with its own chair, but this one is a pretty good match for the small white writing desk. It's a fabric upholstered chair with ultra-soft materials in a soft breathable material.

white desk chair

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a hole for a laptop charger?

There are no holes for your electronics, but you can easily drill a hole in the back of the hutch.

Can this desk be used as a hobby desk?

This is perfect for a sewing desk or a writing desk.

This is a great white writing desk to stick in any corner of your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. You'll have to decide where you'd like to store this desk to have it work best for you. The fact that it's a beautiful, neutral white means that it will fit in with any décor, too.

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