Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a tutor, it can be tough to come up with creative writing prompts for kids off the top of your head. The prompts should be original and able to spur creative thoughts and processes in the child.

Writing prompts for kids have to spark their imagination so they’ll be immersed in a scenario which they might not have considered, and it has to let their creative juices flow. Kids often have vivid imaginations and when they’re challenged with writing prompts, they will respond with unique stories that will often have adults wondering where they came up with them.

As children grow, their imaginations are stifled and squashed. They are told to grow up, stop daydreaming, and buckle down. Creative writing allows children to expand their brains. They are able to think constructively about problems and dream up solutions that aren’t evident to everyone else.

Children who see things a bit differently are able to think critically about problems and solutions. This is a skill that will help them as they grow and mature. It increases brain function, teaches basic language skills, and helps children learn sentence structure. When children are able to string together their thoughts into coherent sentences, they are better able to resolve disagreements with others and solve problems effectively.

Whether the prompts are used for journaling or story telling, writing prompts for kids help children clarify their thoughts and know themselves. They discover the power of their imaginations.