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I'll be removing the visible prompts from this site on Monday, January 16th. You'll still be able to get them, though. No worries.

I scared you, didn't I?

Instead of having small entries for the prompts, I'm putting them in an ebook for easy reading. The prompts are still free.

If you're wondering about other changes in the future and what that means for prompts, let me explain. I won't be adding small posts with prompts anymore. They aren't disappearing, though, just morphing so to speak.

For example,

  • I'll add posts with a few prompts.
  • A free ebook with dozens of story starters.
  • Ebooks that range in price with hundreds of writing helpers.

Hope that makes sense and alleviates any fears about the future of the story prompts. Check the sidebar and join the email list for the first free ebook. Those prompts are the result of years of posts, and should have something for everyone, whether you like horror, mystery or dystopian prompts.